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Dean Staffing & Recruiting Agency is a family-owned company located in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Ron Dean

ln the year 2000, Ron Dean came to America, from the Bahamas, with a vision to establish God's covenant and God's kingdom in the earth by the way of opening businesses based upon Christian principles. It is reflected in the way business is created and operated.

As with any business, there were rough times, and there are good times, but Ron never wavered in his beliefs that God will exalt him to have a successful business. Today, Ron is a multi-business owner of various fields with his family.

These three different businesses are all located in downtown on 163 Lee Street: Knicker Knacker Market and Grocery Store, Four All Seasons Travel, and C 1 Corp, with the parent company being C 1 Corp.

As the headquarters and managing company for multiple businesses in various fields, C 1 Corp has become an asset to the downtown area and community of Montgomery, AL, and also to the world by assisting other businesses to create jobs and to grow in stature and revenue, without giving up or compromising their core values: honesty, integrity, and the knowing from within, we are here to serve you.

C 1 Corp's purpose is to impact the world by empowering, and enriching the surrounding communities, the economy, upholding good morals, values, and strong ethics; thus bringing positive change by serving our community and the world. C 1 Corp has already serving their community by establishing the network known as C 1 Corp Professional Business Network (PBN).

The mission of C 1 Corp PBN is to bring together a variety of businesses that is united with one common goal: to strengthen each business with support and the resources that will help strengthen and empower the network where every business is vitally important. C 1 Corp PBN is here to serve and bring out the best in each business.

By helping the organization grow, C 1 Corp PBN is helping the community grow. And also for C 1 Corp PBN to have a strong presence in the community, we reinvest into the community. For example, giving scholarships to deserving young people, serving the elderly, and giving to other charitable organizations.

Who We Are

Dean Staffing & Recruiting Agency is a family-owned company located in Montgomery, Alabama. The owners, who are highly experienced in recruitment and staffing, saw the opportunity to establish this agency. They are from Jamaica and The Bahamas. 

Novia Blair-Dean

Novia Blair-Dean is a Jamaican in The Bahamas. She is the owner of Cinderella Cleaning Service in Houston, Texas for the past 10 years. Novia is a hiring manager and a training coordinator for the Environmental Services Department of Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

Mission Statement

To solve problems by creating lasting solutions. Being of service to our own communities while bridging the gap between employers and employees.

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